Do you practice FRILUFTSLIV?

It is well known that the Scandinavian countries are at the forefront of the best education and social achievements. Not surprisingly, Norwegians have been considered the happiest citizens in the world, according to the United Nations classification for 2017. But in addition they also stand out for their respect and close relationship with Nature, a nature not always friendly, but to which Are closely linked for centuries with the settlement of its first settlers.

Perhaps because of all this, in Norway they created the term FRILUFTSLIV, a mysterious and difficult to pronounce word, but with an inspiring meaning.

Hiking in Madrid. Adventure Outdoor Activities in Madrid with Dreampeaks.

The literal translation of FRILUFTSLIV is “outdoor life”, but it does not have a simple translation into any language, because it expresses several things: the advantages of relating and connecting with nature, outdoor living, enjoying simple pleasures, Etc … Norwegians use it to describe a way of life oriented to explore and appreciate nature, a concept transmitted to children from an early age.

“FRILUFTSLIV has to do with love and respect for nature,” says Hans Gelter, a professor at the University of Technology in Sweden. “An attitude that one can not learn from reading or teaching, is something that can only be learned from experience.”

Although Norway, Finland, Sweden and Iceland have fantastic mountain and nature landscapes such as the fjords, glaciers and northern lights, the main concept of FRILUFTSLIV seeks simple outdoor activity, be present in nature and enjoy the connection that the Scandinavians Believe that humans have inherently with the land.

Hiking in Madrid. Adventure Outdoor Activities in Madrid with Dreampeaks.

In a stressful world where we are permanently connected to technology and social media through electronic devices, FRILUFTSLIV is a natural way for all to return and reconnect with Nature.

This means that you can feel FRILUFTSLIV in many ways and in many places: a hiking trail in the Pyrenees, overlooking the sea on a beach in Cabo de Gata, climbing in La Pedriza or walking through a beech forest in autumn. You do not need to pack your backpack or make too many plans. The point is to seek the connection with nature from simplicity. As long as we are in contact with nature, enjoying the landscapes and natural surroundings we can experience the FRILUFTSLIV. Just look for an outdoor space and enjoy it!

Hiking in Madrid. Adventure Outdoor Activities in Madrid with Dreampeaks.

Hiking, climbing, mountaineering, surfing and other outdoor adventure sports give us the opportunity to live intensely FRILUFTSLIV experiences.

In addition we can organize these activities with children in family, as an outdoor event in your company or as a school activity.

Hiking in Madrid. Adventure Outdoor Activities in Madrid with Dreampeaks.

It has been shown in numerous scientific studies that spending time outdoors and hiking brings benefits on a physical and mental level.

There are many reasons why we should all incorporate FRILUFTSLIV into our lives. Feeling the wind, touching the snow, hearing the rain, walking barefoot on a beach or sleeping under the stars are simple experiences that enrich our lives every day, and make us feel our most pure spirit and rewild. Welcome to Nature, Welcome Home!

Hiking in Madrid. Outdoor Adventure Activities in Madrid with Dreampeaks.