Winter Mountaineering with Dreampeaks

10 Essential Winter Mountain Safety Tips

10 essential winter mountain safety tips.
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Madrid Walking Tour. Private visit to Madrid.

10 must- see attractions in Madrid

Discovering Madrid, the Heart of Spain.
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Adventure activities in Madrid with Dreampeaks.

10 Inspiring Quotes of Gaston Rebuffat

Climbing is not a competition, but a communion of the heart.
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Hiking in Madrid with Dreampeaks

How to prevent common trail injuries

Tips to Prevent and Handle Common Trail Injuries.
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Hike in Sierra de Gredos with Dreampeaks

Why you must visit the Sierra de Gredos

Discover the stunning Sierra de Gredos natural park.
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Hiking in Madrid: Navacerrada & Siete Picos

Natural Parks in Madrid

Discover Guadarrama national park and the natural reserves in the Community of Madrid.
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Horseback Riding Tours in Madrid with Dreampeaks

The beauty of Horseback Riding

Horseback riding is the activity of riding a horse, especially for enjoyment or as a form of exercise.
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kayaking in Madrid. Kayaking in Segovia. Outdoor Adventures in Madrid.

Kayaking Basic Techniques for beginners

If you are a beginner in water sports, here are the basic techniques for kayaking.
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Rock Climbing in Madrid with Dreampeaks. Rock climbing in La Pedriza

Quick Guide of Rock Climbing in Madrid

Quick Guide for rock climbing In Madrid. Discover the main spots and crags for outdoor climbing in Madrid.
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Canyoning in Madrid. Outdoor Activities and Adventure in Madrid with Dreampeaks.

Canyoning Grades.

The Canyoning Grading System in Spain. Learn how to grade a Canyoning Route.
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