Horseback Riding in Madrid with Dreampeaks
Horseback Riding Tours in Madrid with Dreampeaks

The Beauty of Horseback Riding

Horseback riding is the activity of riding a horse, especially for enjoyment or as a form of exercise.

Horseback Riding has been a form of transport for thousands of years. Nowadays it means being connected with nature and disconnecting from the world while riding along paths and seeing different landscapes.

This activity is known as equestrian tourism, where you will discover the great relationship that exists between man and horse.

Horseback Riding Tours in Madrid with Dreampeaks
Horseback Riding Tours in Madrid with Dreampeaks

In this activity it is important to be aware of the different styles in order to select the one that may be best for us.

  1. NATURAL: No rules. It is the most basic style, so called because it is natural to those who practice it, able to keep the horse still at all times.


  1. BAREBACK: It means not using saddle and tack, riding directly on the horse’s back. This technique is used to learn to maintain control, so care must be taken and it must be done under the supervision of a professional.


  1. TO THE RIDER:  It consists of riding on high chairs with your legs bent. It dates back to when horsemen used to ride like this to facilitate their use of the lance during battles.


  1. MOUNTING ON THE FLANGE: Low saddles are used, making it easier for the rider to keep his body straight and his legs straight.


  1. TO THE BASTARD: Combination between the harness and bridle riding, as the rider’s legs are not as tightly bent, but not as straight as in the bridle.


  1. TO SQUATS: In the past it was used by women as it consisted of carrying both legs on one side of the horse. It was the most comfortable way of riding because of their large dresses.


  1. TO THE HAUNCHES: Here there is a second rider who sits on the back of the horse. He should hold on to the back of the saddle, but not the main rider as this could destabilise them.


  1. TO THE WESTERN: It is a training of the horse itself in which it has been accustomed to yielding a pressure on one side so that riders can control the reins with one hand.


  1. TO THE ENGLISH: It is a more difficult and tiring style because the rider is constantly influencing the horse by leaning over the animal throughout the whole process. It is a style of riding oriented towards competition.

In any case, the important thing is to always keep in mind the welfare of the horse, which is not a being at the service of the rider but his companion.

Horseback Riding Tours in Madrid with Dreampeaks
Horseback Riding Tours in Madrid with Dreampeaks

No matter what your skill level or preference, Madrid has some amazing outdoor sceneries for horseback riding all year round. Be sure to check out these areas and Dreampeaks guided tours to find the one that’s right for you.


Horseback Riding in Madrid

Always practice Leave No Trace ethics on your climbs, hikes and adventures. Be aware of local regulations and don’t damage natural parks and wilderness.


Text by Iris López (Sports Journalist).